Ooma is a proprietary VOIP Provider. This means that a subscriber of this service will need both hardware, and service to connect with the hardware. I received the hardware on the 21st of January, 2020, and activated service the same day. About 1 week later, I paid for the premiere service. The ATA and cordless phone was $130. The Premiere service is $120/year, and taxes for Pittsburgh is a little less than $7.00 per month. With the acquisition of 1 year of Premiere service, I received a free DECT Phone, and just had to pay S&H (About $10).

First, the good. The call quality from when I made calls have been good. I also had no problems with sending faxes. With the premiere service, you can have 2 telephone numbers for free. One number is tied to the phone port on the ATA which is used exclusively for faxes. The other number is tied to the cordless phones. This simplifies everything, and allows me to use the service as if it was a traditional landline service but with fewer resources needed. As for the hardware, it could be better for the price, but sufficient.

Now for the bad. The other benefits of premiere such as Simul-Ring, and using their phone app on my smartphone only applies to the primary line which in order for me to use the phone port on the ATA, my fax line has to be the primary line. It would be nice if they offered these features on the secondary lines, but as of time of writing this review (2020-02-23), this is not possible. This means that many of the attractive features of premiere simply does not work for me in my situation.

All in all, I would recommend this service to anyone that needs a home phone line. If they are in a position similar to mine, they may want to consider 2 ATAs (one for fax, and one for phone), however this will mean that they will pay two monthly fees. It would be nice if Ooma offered the more advanced features to the secondary lines, but this doesn’t seem like it would happen. If you don’t need the advanced features, and need two lines – than this would be good enough. Very few VOIP companies offer Faxing over their network. With Ooma, you just have to prefix *99 which most fax machines can do this automatically.


On Sunday September 19, 2021 – I called Ooma to cancel my line. The first rep sent me to the customer retention department where I had to argue with the rep over $3, and declined her trying to give me the same offers multiple times. This process took me more than 20 minutes to deal with the cancellation.