Dreamhost is my hosting company for all of my domains with exception of my .TEL domains. I have been with them since 2002, and find them sufficient to handle all of my hosting needs. In addition, my primary email account is using Dreamhost. Plans start at $10.95 per month with lower per month prices when doing longer term solutions. For example, $714 will pay for 10 years of service which equates to $5.95 per month. These prices are on their Shared hosting plan which they promote their Virtual Private Servers.

You get unlimited space, email, and MySQL databases. For databases, I would recommend that you use the root domain to determine the name. For example, fsp.reviews uses fsp_reviews database. This will make it easier for you to manage your databases.

As for email, they support IMAP, and a webmail interface. They do not support catch-all features on any of their email accounts. Their philosophy is to reduce SPAM, but I actually used this when they offered the service. Nonetheless, if this is a feature you need – Dreamhost will not be for you.

For managing your websites, they offer FTP with you using user IDs to manage one or more addresses. For example, you could have one user managing w1.you.com, and another user managing w2.you.com. Dreamhost will also install a WordPress site for any of your sub-domains, however – i personally do this on my own with FTP, and setting things up my way.

All in all, I am happy with Dreamhost. I had SPAM email promoting other companies, but I don’t feel a need to explore those options. I however do not use them for most of my domain registrations. For that, I use a company called Name.Com.