Comcast Internet Essentials

Comcast Internet Essentials is a program from Comcast to provide low income families in a public housing program (such as Section-8) with a low cost internet service. The speed is at 15MBPS which is slow when compared to other plans, but the price is only $10/month. For families with a lot of connections, this might be slow or even not enough. However, for a single person, this is sufficient.

The good aspect is the price. It is again, only $10 per month which is the lowest price service I can find. Dialup Internet is typically more expensive, and that doesn’t include the telephone service required. This therefore makes the barrier of entry for this service low as far as price goes. Again for a single person, or couple – the 15MBPS is fast enough to stream videos, and download files – although extremely large files will take some time to download. This is expected with the speed.

The service cut out a few times, sometimes taking a couple of hours to regain service. This seems to happen mostly at night time, and thankfully it is not too often. The service also requires the use of their modem/router which is low quality. If given the choice, I would rather use my own router, and modem as separate boxes. I do underthan the reasoning of this as some families may not be able to afford buying their own boxes, but they still should allow the choice.