Life Wireless

Life Wireless is a Lifeline provider for low income households needing a basic cellular service. While some options vary by state, the mention of such options are assuming for Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Therefore, your options might be different. My Life Wireless service is installed within my iPhone SE.

The service provides for 500 minutes, unlimited SMS, and 25 MMS messages. There is no support for WiFi calling, nor visual voicemail. Some phones may require you to set up the APN for data related services. For data, you get 3GB per month and there is support for LTE. Life Wireless uses AT&T’s network, so if AT&T doesn’t work well in your area, this may not be the best solution for you.

The service works well enough. You get what you expect, and there isn’t any gotchas, You do have the option to upgrading to where you can get more minutes, and more data for extra charges. If you already have a GSM/LTE phone, you can order a SIM card for as little as $5. I would not recommend getting the phones they offer as they do not work well. If you can, invest in a decent phone, and rely on that one.

My experience with customer service has been a mixed bag. If you don’t need the answer now, my experience in sending them a message is typically the best results. If you have to call, use another phone other than the one where Life Wireless is installed in.

All in all, if you meet the requirements, and need a cellular line, this one is the best one in my experience. Again, you would want to invest in a good quality phone. If affordable, and you prefer Android OS, the best option will be the Pixel 4a. Obviously, your choices if you want iOS will be limited. The iPhone SE is the cheapest new phone available in that arena.